200 years of the Tempel Pavilion, once the main source of healing mineral water in Rogaška Slatina - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

200 years of the Tempel Pavilion, once the main source of healing mineral water in Rogaška Slatina

Grand Hotel Sava,

Join us for the celebration of 200 years of the Tempel Pavilion, once the main source of healing mineral water in Rogaška Slatina

Rogaška Slatina, 3 July 2019. Join us for the bicentennial celebration of the Tempel Pavilion, once the main source of healing mineral water, at Ana’s Festival, which is held from 5 July to 30 August. Enjoy the concerts of the Musica Camerata salon orchestra at the Tempel Pavilion.

Who does not know Rogaška Slatina and its 350-year-long tradition and rich history? Just an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, this boutique tourist town invites people seeking health and relaxation. In respect of the oldest Rogaška Slatina spring of miraculous water, the richest in the world in magnesium content, Rogaška Slatina will host numerous events by the end of summer.

The legend describing the emergence of the Rogaška spring has been written down and depicted in the copperplate engraving of the German issue of Roitschocrene book from 1687. The image in the book shows Apollo ordering Pegasus to strike his hoof to the earth in a place near Rogatec, thus opening Roitschocrene, the Rogaška spring. The story resembles the legend from the Greek mythology where Pegasus opened the Hippocrene spring by striking his hoof to the earth. In the Rogaška legend, Apollo says: “Where you stand is a source of health and true divine strength. Instead of Hippocrene, drink the Roitschocrene spring before you.”

The Tempel Pavilion, which is the work of architect Nikola Pertsch from Trieste, is a classicist pavilion standing above the former main spring. The Tempel spring, also called the “main spring”, was one of the first of its kind and was known as early as in 1680. The oldest Rogaška Slatina filling plant was erected next to it. As the most important spring, it served Rogaška Slatina for 2 centuries until 1884, when a new spring was arranged only 35 metres away. The oval-shaped Tempel Pavilion standing on 12 elegant Ionian pillars is today the venue of various cultural events.

Delightful summer evenings by the sounds of music and poetry have always been a unique experience, particularly in the magnificent and picturesque ambient such as the Rogaška Slatina flower park. In addition to the Pranger Festival, Rogaška Slatina will hold the 5th Ana’s Festival from 3 July to 30 August featuring over 50 cultural, music and other fun events. This year’s Ana’s Festival will stage classical music concerts performed by the traditional Musica Camerata salon orchestra and another 14 quality concerts of various genres, such as blues, tango, chanson, jazz, ethno, soul, klezmer and so on. The tradition of this orchestra active in Rogaška Slatina dates back to 1870, while it has been a salon orchestra for some 40 years, which has made the town unique in Slovenia, patting the softest side of the soul amidst nature with classical music. 

Rogaška Hotels & ROI Spa, which includes Grand Hotel Sava****Superior and Hotel Zagreb****, has prepared a tempting summer package for music, culture and summer lovers and for all those looking after their health. Spend memorable days alongside a mineral water spring in unspoiled nature, bathing in a hotel swimming pool filled with thermal water, relaxing in a jacuzzi, enjoying a rejuvenating massage, engaging in activities in nature and indulging in the finest delicacies – a true summer break for romantics far away from the summer hustle and bustle. You can have a memorable culinary experience on the terrace of the Kaiser A´la Carte Restaurant, where the view of music events at the Tempel Pavilion is even better, while enjoying exquisite cuisine and a glass of fine wine.

Those of you seeking luxury cannot miss relaxation in saunas and baths at the exclusive ROI Spa Centre offering pleasurable sunbathing on the outdoor terrace alongside a cooling pool surrounded by ravishing greenery. Pamper your soul in a luxury suite or room, spending summer evenings by the Tempel Pavilion.

You are kindly invited to the celebration of the miraculous mineral water spring in Rogaška Slatina!


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