HEALTHY DIET BY DR. GIFING METHOD - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia


Individual diet program

Dr Gifing's Chrono nutrition is a way of nourishment which enables weight loss and achievement of an an optimal health picture without difficulties and refusing food. In case you do not have difficulties with weight, the individual nutrition plan will help you improve your health and, consequently, your overall psychological and physical well-being. In a few weeks time you will notice changes - you will have much more energy, the quality of sleep will improve, your skin will be cleaner and more flexible, and the quality of your hair will be improved.

According to Dr Gifing program, the Chrono nutrition does not only cause weight loss, but also slows down the aging process in your body.

Would you like to refill your life with youthful energy? Would you like to enjoy your youth in a healthy and easy way?

Join us at the Dr Gifing Center for Chrono Nutrition and Rejuvenation in Rogaška!

The unique solution for your body health

The program does not include calorie counting, weighing foods and determining the amount of food. What matters is the same time interval between meals, the correct distribution of meals and the correct combination of foods at certain hours for specific parts of the day (therefore the program is also called a chrono diet). Dr. Ana Gifing chrono nutrition is intended for people of all age groups of both genders, regardless of the health condition, with a purpose of controlling the body weight to an optimal value, by normalizing the biochemical parameters of the organism

Basic features:

• individual program of balanced and proper diet
• non-invasive diagnostics.

Price list

Healthy nutrition

Body analysis with InBody 770 device

35 €

Consultation with a nutritionist

30 €

Food intolerance test

50 €

Full examination healthy nutrition according to the dr. Giffing method

135 €